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  Delaminated Micronized Mica Powder  

Delaminated Micronized Mica Powder

PMC Latest Range has been developed after intensive R&D. The special process ensures complete delimitation of the mica particles ensuring a high aspect ratio. The classification controls the particle size into a narrow range eliminating large particles and unwanted ultra-fines. Only the best Muscovite sheet mica is used to make this grade. Ideally suited for Paint and Filler application where price is a major factor.

GradeParticle sizeBulk Density g/cc
Premica™ D7075 micron/200#0.24 - 0.29
Premica™ D8545 micron/325#0.22 0.28
Premica™ D9520 micron/500#0.20 - 0.24

ColorL value (Minolta)
Standard70 - 80
White> 80
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4 October, 2012
PMC Launches its fully updated and redesigned website which is also mobile enabled
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22 September, 2012
PMC has developed a non-slip recyclable PP packing bags. These bags are strong and have reduced transit damages to bags by 90%. The bags with mica can be stacked high without the risk of slipping.
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18 September, 2012
The Mica Manufacturing factory is located in a five acre mango orchard which acts as a green cover for pollution control. This green cover is carefully nurtured
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17 July, 2012
INCUBATION OF EGGS - premica vermiculites were found to be ideal for incubating turtle and crocodile eggs.
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