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Mica (from the Latin micare, meaning 'to shine') is a naturally occurring sheet silicate which is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. Muscovite mica, one of its common forms, is extracted by PMC from its Bhavani Shankara Mine and processed at the in-house plant to produce a wide range of mica products meeting international specifications and catering to the demands of a large number of industries worldwide.

PREMICA™, the signature brand of PMC is identified with quality, reliability and a tradition of excellence, for over half a century. The PREMICA™ range includes the following mica products, catering to the needs of the global market:

Please note that the specific ingredients used for the formulation of the individual products are not listed in the Material Safety Data Sheets and claimed by the Company as proprietary information.

For complete disclosure, however, please contact The Premier Mica Company directly.

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  Wet Ground Mica Powder
  Delaminated Micronized Mica Powder
  Dry Ground Mica
  Mica Flakes
  Mica Scrap
  Mica Blocks
  Fabricated Mica & Mica Strips
  Mica Paper, Mica Board & Mica Tape
4 October, 2012
PMC Launches its fully updated and redesigned website which is also mobile enabled
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22 September, 2012
PMC has developed a non-slip recyclable PP packing bags. These bags are strong and have reduced transit damages to bags by 90%. The bags with mica can be stacked high without the risk of slipping.
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18 September, 2012
The Mica Manufacturing factory is located in a five acre mango orchard which acts as a green cover for pollution control. This green cover is carefully nurtured
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17 July, 2012
INCUBATION OF EGGS - premica vermiculites were found to be ideal for incubating turtle and crocodile eggs.
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